Thursday, April 17, 2014

Renew your Mobile Citizen account

This is a website for Connect Your Community participants in Cleveland to renew your affordable Mobile Citizen home Internet service.

This service is now being provided for CYC participants by the Ashbury Senior Computer Community Center (ASC3).

You can reach ASC3 during normal business hours at 216-421-2305.

To renew your Mobile Citizen CLEAR 4G Internet account using a credit card or debit card, follow these steps using the form below:

STEP 1: Choose the length of renewal period you want from the drop-down menu below (full year or six months).
STEP 2: Type in your name (or the name of the Mobile Citizen account holder, if you’re not the account holder yourself.)
STEP 3: Type in your 12-digit "MAC Address" (your Mobile Citizen Account Number.)  It’s shown in the top right corner of your “Time to renew” email... or click here for help finding it on your modem.

STEP 4: Click on the “Buy Now” button to go to ASC3’s PayPal payment form and complete your order.

Choose renewal period: Full year or 6 months
My name (name on this account)
My MAC address

You can use this PayPal form to renew your Mobile Citizen account using most credit cards or debit cards, including a pre-paid debit card (i.e. a cash card) with a MasterCard or VISA label.